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Burr Ridge Basement, Bathroom, Kitchen Remodels

Home Fusion professionals have been transforming homes in for over 30 years now. The remodeling teams pride themselves in creating usable rooms from unused spaces and adding rooms to your existing home. There is no building challenge our teams have not faced. It has honed their creative instinct and smart decision-making to suit the demands of any situation. We take every small detail into account while undertaking a remodeling process. It includes the unique architectural properties of a home, the hidden potentials of any unused space, the necessities of the homeowner and the budget of the remodeling project.

Burr Ridge Basement Remodeling

Burr Ridge basement remodels are more than simple overhauls. A basement is the most complicated of all remodels. In all possibility, your basement is right now in an unused state. It means lots of dust, possibly compromised insulation, the occasional leaks in plumbing and lots of moisture seeping in from the crevices. Therefore, basement remodels are the most challenging part of any home improvement project. Since our teams have been doing this for decades, we know about all possible electrical wiring and plumbing challenges we might have to face after undertaking a basement remodel. However, that does not stop us from converting unused basements of modern homes in Burr Ridge to kids’ playrooms, wet bars, nurseries, entertainment rooms and gaming rooms for families.

Burr Ridge Bathroom Remodeling

Our teams can undertake the most challenging of all bathroom remodels in the locality. We have been doing this for over three decades, and nothing makes us more proud than a difficult remodeling project. Bathroom remodels are so much more than replacing old fixtures with new ones. It is about assessing the amount of natural light and air. It is also about understanding the needs of all members of your families and your guests to choose the best bathroom fixtures for you. Our Burr Ridge bathroom remodels include great rendering that includes replacing old dingy bathtubs with new vertical shower units and replacing solid exterior walls with one-way glass to admit the most amount of natural light in the bathrooms. A great bathroom can decide the course of your entire day. Make the right decisions for the rest of your life by choosing the right remodeling company today!

Burr Ridge Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchens determine the chi of the entire household. They are the energy-central, and your remodeling company needs to understand it. Our Burr Ridge kitchen remodels take into consideration the flow of the energy throughout the entire house and the kitchen. Our teams analyze the available space, the natural sources of fresh air and light before taking on any project. It makes it much easier for the teams to understand what modifications you exactly need in your kitchen.

The Home Fusions team always makes sure to address all our clients’ needs before making their home improvement suggestions. Therefore, no matter how old your home is, we can make it possible for it to fit right into the trends of the 21st century. Always remember, the right design consultation is just a phone call away!