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Carol Stream Basement, Bathroom, Kitchen Remodels

Home remodeling is a strange adventure. It is part stressful and part exciting. Honestly, who would not like to see their old homes in a new light? However, the limited budget and increasing cost of raw materials are making it tougher for most homeowners to embark on such an adventure. Home remodeling is necessary to keep the resale value of a property steady. An old home that has not been retouched for a while will have a much less equity value as compared to one which has undergone recent remodeling.

Carol Stream Basement Remodeling

The renovation of any home usually starts in the basement. That is because basement remodeling is the most elaborate and complicated. Did you know? Can you turn your basement into a fully functional apartment with the right guidance? Our teams of designers, engineers and builders can turn any unused basement into comfortable quarters within record time. Many of our clients also want to include a bathroom in the basement or include washing and drying units. That is rather easy for our experienced team members. We have also converted unused basements into kid-friendly zones, party spaces, gaming parlors and kitchenettes for expanding families. With the new crunch of living space in and around Chicago, the Carol Stream basement remodels are breathing a new life into unused basements and dank spaces.

Carol Stream Bathroom Remodeling

Home Fusions has renovated thousands of bathrooms in the past few years. It includes old bathrooms from the 80s and new ones from the late 2000s. All these bathrooms had one thing in common – an owner who wanted to make the most of the available facilities. Our Carol Stream bathroom remodels has surely made their dreams come true with walk-in showers, new minimalistic tubs and bathrooms fixtures and smart (moisture proof) storage solutions. We insist on tile flooring for most bathroom remodels since they are resilient to massive force and water damage. Tile floors are investments for a brighter future for all homeowners.

Carol Stream Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen remodeling includes a lot more than countertop replacement and inclusion of new light fixtures. It is about smart space management and the introduction of modular storage spaces. Our teams are experts in analyzing the potential of your existing kitchen space and assessing the need for new amenities within a given budget. If you have a tight budget for your kitchen remodel, you can mention it to our experts before they put on their thinking hats. We can change the way your kitchen looks by installing new light fixtures, new windows, storage solutions and durable countertops. We make sure to use hard-wearing materials for flooring and finishing of our Carol Stream kitchen remodels. It gives a longer lifespan to your new kitchen.

While taking a step forward to home remodeling, always remember to find a reliable company who can guide you towards the right direction. It includes an experienced team of builders and engineers, who can use minimum resources to create maximum output. Unleash the hidden potentials of your home sweet home with a reputed team of experts.