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Downers Grove Basement, Bathroom, Kitchen Remodels

Downers Grove is about 22 miles west of Chicago. The quaint village defines a new standard of living in terms of luxury and aesthetics. Home Fusions has been helping the residents of the area to conform to the local standards of living by making some very significant yet budget changes to the beautiful homes in the village. Being in the suburbs of the city usually means expansive lawns, yards, separate garage units and sprawling rooms with lots of natural light. Home Fusions at Downers Grove capitalizes on the existing USPs of the client homes to give them a new personality.

Downers Grove Basement Remodeling

Basements hold a lot of potential for any home in the villages. Many people move to the communities to enjoy the tranquility of a non-city life. Others move to accommodate their expanding family. Sometimes, having kids or pets in the house can make things a bit crowded. During times like these, homeowners can feel the urge to move to a bigger home. However, looking at the modern real estate market, we think, adding a new room to your home is a much better idea. Forget lengthy legal procedures and convoluted building permits. Your basement is the perfect location for an entirely new apartment in case you need one. From game chambers to kids’ playhouse, your basement can become anything you want it to be with expert help from Home Fusions Downers Grove basement remodels. We can help you with the insulation, new construction, electrical wiring and everything else you need for the process.

Downers Grove Bathroom Remodeling

Homes in Downers Grove usually have large master bathrooms. Large does not always mean luxurious. Most people want a spa-like experience inside their own bathrooms. Home Fusions can make it possible for you within record time. Downers Grove bathroom remodelscan help you plan an entire luxurious bathroom experience within a given budget. It can include shower installations, walk-in tubs, and steam rooms. You can now enjoy the pampering of a 5-star resort cum spa without leaving home quarters. We have award-winning bathroom projects, which show that you do not need a massive budget for a fancy bathroom. You need a creative instinct and an astute planning ability, which our designers possess.

Downers Grove Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchens are the energy centers of every home. They are the rendezvous central of the entire family, and they always form an integral part of any happy memory. That is why you need to pay considerable attention to the natural lighting, air flow and overall mood of your kitchen. Gloomy kitchens with a lack of natural light do not look good at any cost. Your kitchen needs to be sleek, modern with all the modern amenities. You do not need a king-sized budget for our Downers Grove kitchen remodels. Our team makes sure to use all available resources while the remodeling process and this brings the cost down considerably. Modern cabinetry, granite kitchen tops, tiled walls, and floors are the ubiquitous parts of any modern kitchen.

The option of having a home remodeling or home expansion project gives you the chance to set up a new home within your old home. It is like enjoying the advantages of a new home without ever undergoing the trouble to move out of your current address.