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Glen Ellyn Basement, Bathroom, Kitchen Remodels

With so many companies offering home renovation services in Glen Ellyn, there is always an underlying question about which company homeowners should choose. Home Fusions has been around for 30 odd years, and we offer a dedicated team of professionals, who can help you plan, budget and realize your dream of redesigning your own home. You will not have to go out looking for tradespeople and builders. We have the complete teams, ready to plunge into work, as soon as you give us a call.

Glen Ellyn Basement Remodeling

Basements in Glen Ellyn residential areas are usually large spaces, which remain mostly unused. Many homeowners just use their basements are storage areas, and in most cases, rodents use this area of the house as their living quarters. We can help you find new room for your home theatre, new stereo systems, gaming units and entertainment units without tearing down a single wall. We always emphasize on improvising rooms from basement areas rather than expand a home by tearing down main walls because the former is less expensive and it has more potential. Our Glen Ellyn basement remodels have created fully functioning apartments with kitchenettes and bathrooms for our clients from unused basements.

Glen Ellyn Bathroom Remodeling

It brings us to the most private and secure place inside a home – the bathroom. The master bathroom should be the nexus of relaxation inside any home. As a homeowner, you should be able to find calm and quiet inside your bathroom. Studies show that households with a well-planned bathroom have more productivity rate throughout the day. So no matter what theme you want your bathroom to be, our Glen Ellyn bathroom remodels will help you realize the redesign. A great bathroom has enough floor space, room for essential storage and modern fixtures that go well with trends.

Glen Ellyn Kitchen Remodeling

Most Glen Ellyn kitchen remodels from the leading blogs and websites lack personality. They are a mere reproduction of the latest trends from the most popular national and international interior decor magazines. Our teams make sure to talk to the homeowners, find out all about their cooking and eating habits and chalk out a plan that encompasses everyone’s needs. These kitchens are modern, sleek and have all the latest amenities for the home occupants. Whether you want the trendy dark wood themed kitchen with eclectic layouts or a classic breakfast bar dominated look for your vintage suburban kitchen; our expert teams of designers and engineers can make it happen for you.

There are times when home occupants crave for a change of layouts, but they do not know what will suit their needs and their budget. During these times our engineers and designers can swoop right in with useful suggestions and remodel projects, which can not only revamp a household entirely but impart a positive energy to your old living space. So, if you are serious about giving your house a makeover, do not forget to give us a call or ask for a quote!