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Hinsdale Basement, Bathroom, Kitchen Remodels

It is quite amazing how a home remodeling can pay for itself in the near future. Many homeowners in Hinsdale have been opting for home remodels to make their homes more energy efficient and economical. It includes improving the insulation in the basement, replacing old windows with energy efficient heat-trapping windows, changing old floorboards for newer heat-trapping ones and by using these as a tax credit at the end of the year!

Hinsdale Basement Remodeling

Many of our clients, who have opted for basement remodeling, were initially thinking of moving to a bigger house. However, this would have cost them a lot more. Our engineers and designers stepped in and helped them realize the potential of their unoccupied basements. Our engineers have designed fully functioning apartments from basements and used existing load-bearing beams to define the floor plans. During our Hinsdale basement remodels, we make minimal changes to the location that creates a significant impact on the resulting living space. We can turn any rather dark and moist basement into a crisp new gaming den, entertainment zone, party central or a nursery for your growing family.

Hinsdale Bathroom Remodeling

We feel that bathrooms are very important for you and your family. A home with a beautiful bathroom always has a happy family. We can help you redesign your old bathroom, find more space for your essentials inside and design smart bathtubs, walk-in tubs and shower stalls for everyone who uses the space. Our Hinsdale bathroom remodels team will talk to you and everyone else who uses the target bathroom to find out what kind of changes you need. We have repurposed sections of the basement as added bathrooms for growing families to meet the rising demands. We put equal emphasis on user comfort and budget while designing the bathrooms.

Hinsdale Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchens are undoubtedly the most complex space in a home. From nonagenarians to toddlers, everyone uses the kitchen during different times of the day. Therefore, designing a kitchen which is convenient for the cook as well as all the users is quite the challenge we enjoy. Every time, our Hinsdale kitchen remodels has delivered exactly what the homeowners were thinking of. We make it possible by consulting with the family members, understanding their needs and drawing a parallel with the latest interior designs. Once we have your requirements and your budget on paper, it becomes easy to deliver a magazine-inspired look for your 21st-century kitchen for your 21st-century family.

Our engineers and designers have been with us for the better part of our journey. For over 30 years we have helped the residents of Chicago and adjoining villages live in their dream homes without making any compromises. If you think you need more room or you are just bored with the way the interior of your home looks, remember, we are only one call away. Send us a query or request a quotation to get to know more about the variety of services we provide.