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North Aurora Basement, Bathroom, Kitchen Remodels

Are you bored with your home? Have your kids moved out leaving some space and budget for renovation? Do you need to make more room for expanding family? In all the cases mentioned here, the solution is not to move and find a new home, but to work on your existing one. At the same time, you need to work towards getting a greener home. Since home renovations have become cheaper than before, most of our clients are going for complete home makeovers to make their newer homes more energy efficient and increase the resale value of their property.

North Aurora Basement Remodeling

Working on your basement always gives you the chance to make your home more energy efficient. Old basements have insulation problems, problems with electrical wirings and moisture problems that contribute to a high energy bill. You can always reduce your utility bills and decrease your carbon footprint by optimizing your insulation and working on the moisture accumulation problems. Our North Aurora basement remodels make sure to take care of all predominant challenges and work on the inexpensive unclaimed space to turn it into usable living space. From kids’ playrooms and nurseries to full-fledged apartments with bathrooms and kitchenettes; our teams have done it all. If you are thinking of reclaiming your neglected basement, we may have some brilliant ideas for you.

North Aurora Bathroom Remodeling

At North Aurora, the living standards are changing faster than the climate. Most residents and interior designers feel bathrooms represent the real living standards and aesthetics of the owners. Moreover, we could not agree more! We have revamped old, dank Victorian style bathrooms into modern eclectic ones with a modern cubical shower stall, compact bathtubs and water saving water closets. Our North Aurora bathroom remodels lay a lot of emphasis on eco-friendly designs. Therefore we make use of a lot of natural light sources, water conserving designs and durable furnishing. Once you check out the Home Fusions remodeling works in North Aurora, you just cannot go back.

North Aurora Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchens are the energy isles of any home. Almost the entire family communes in the kitchen at least once a day. Kids usually have their best memories about the house related to the kitchen and so do parents. It makes it compulsory for most homeowners to pay extra attention to the details while designing and redesigning their kitchens. The North Aurora kitchen remodels encompass all the newest kitchen features including plush kitchen tops, easily washable countertops and cabinets, child-safe chest of drawers and durable tiled/granite finish. Therefore, our kitchen remodels are not just a pocket-friendly option; it is also a smart investment in terms of home equity.

Home Fusions has teams of dedicated engineers, designers, and builders. They begin each remodeling process by sitting down with our clients and assessing their needs. We make sure to understand what you need, before undertaking a process. It helps us to deliver exactly what you need, within your stipulated budget and our given time.