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Plainfield Basement, Bathroom, Kitchen Remodels

Are you looking for buyers in Plainfield? Selling an old home in the Plainfield region can become a challenge if your home has not seen any renovation in the last few years. Our research shows that without any remodeling work, old houses fetch significantly less in the real estate market. Now, if you are thinking of remodeling your home, Home Fusions is the only name you need to know today. We make sure each house gets its share of outstanding equity value in the future. We help homeowners pack more worth to their property by carrying out repairs, renovations, and expansions on Plainfield properties.

Plainfield Basement Remodeling

Why renovate a basement? Many homeowners ask us this question from time to time. Our answer is simple – you can always get an extra room from unused space, in case you need one. We can add a bedroom, bathroom, kid’s room or a rental unit. In many areas, Zoning Codes do not allow private properties to come too close. Expanding homes on the exterior is impossible. Therefore, working on the unused basement space is the best idea for adding a whole new floor to your home without excess costs. Many of our Plainfield basement remodels have resulted in guest suites and recreation units inside two-story family homes, without any external impacts.

Plainfield Bathroom Remodeling

You cannot think of increasing the overall value of your home without working on your bathroom. It is indeed possible to get every dollar’s worth from your bathroom remake projects if you have the right people on your team. At Home Fusions we can guarantee the best-experienced designers, builders, and engineers, who will redesign your old bathroom. Our Plainfield bathroom remodels create personal spaces; fix existing problems and increases storage space for most Plainfield homes. We also add new bathrooms complete with pipelines and fixtures to new basement level apartments.

Plainfield Kitchen Remodeling

Did you know? It takes about $51,000 (average) to remodel a kitchen in the USA. That is quite a number even for the high-income groups who reside in the Plainfield neighborhood, and it is quite absurd too. Home Fusions guarantees much cheaper kitchen remodeling plans that will breathe a lease of new life into your kitchen and living room units. The Plainfield kitchen remodels from Home Fusions consider the already available resources before starting the remodeling project. We talk to the homeowner, the people who use the kitchen and the kids before undertaking any new venture. It helps us to deliver the best results within a stipulated budget, without exceeding the promised deadline.

Home Fusions is one name every homeowner trusts when it comes to creating a new living space inside an old home. Our teams of engineers, designers, and builders hold the magic and the finest technology anyone needs to turn an old family pad to a family castle. Your next smart investment is just one phone call away! Do not waste time. Get in touch with us today!