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Villa Park Basement, Bathroom, Kitchen Remodels

Old homes are cozy and warm, but they can seem a tad bit drab at times. During these times, many families think of moving to a new home in a new area of the city or suburb. Moving involves a lot of mental preparations and considerable costs. Although new homes can signify new beginnings for many, why go through so much trouble when you can have a new home without even changing your address? A precise overhaul can change the way your home looks and feels for you and your guests.

Villa Park Basement Remodeling

There is a slight difference between renovating your home and remodeling it. When you are out to remodel a space, you are about to give it a new definition. For example – let us start with your unused basement. The cluttered and dark area has the potential to become another rental unit or at least two bedrooms if you have the imagination. Since most homeowners are used to looking at their dwellings in a certain way, we offer them a third person perspective about the potentials of the unused space. Our Villa Park basement remodels include quite many such modernizations and redesigning projects. We have converted unclaimed basement spaces into fully furnished living rooms, kid’s playrooms, pool rooms for adults and entertainment units for the entire family. We always suggest carving out rental apartments from unused spaces since it is one way to fully realize each penny you are about to spend on the remodel.

Villa Park Bathroom Remodeling

Refurbishing a home is incomplete without retouching the bathroom(s). Each house at Villa Park has at least one master bathroom. Now, the master bathroom speaks oodles about the masters of the household. It exudes personal taste, aesthetics, building experience and lifestyle standards. It is like the difference between the bathroom of a Taco Bell in your city and a 5-star hotel in the vicinity. Our Villa Park bathroom remodels can transform your humble water closets to luxurious bathrooms from your bookmarked lifestyle magazine pages. We find the best tub designs suited for your bathroom size and look. Our team handpicks the designs of the sinks, storage cabinets, tiles and rugs for the bathroom. Investing in a comprehensive bathroom remodeling contributes significantly to the overall value of your property in Villa Park.

Villa Park Kitchen Remodeling

To complete any home remodeling, you need to think about the kitchen. You cannot have an old and gloomy kitchen with antique fixtures and layouts in the middle of a modern home. Most homeowners do not want to go for a kitchen remodel since they tend to be on the costlier side. Home Fusions make it possible to create modern, sleek kitchens using the basics of the old kitchen as foundations. Our unique Villa Park kitchen remodels cuts the net cost of the remodel, yet gives our clients the latest designs, layouts, and facilities.

At Home Fusions, we aim to give your humble abode a makeover it truly deserves. Our expert engineers and experienced designers always know how to make the best of any budget. You can have a new home with the comfort of your old one without spending a penny on moving or real estate agents!