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West Chicago Basement, Bathroom, Kitchen Remodels

West Chicago might be a city, but it has the touch of green like most suburbs do. This city has a crisp and sunny weather. It might not always be sunny in Philadelphia, but it surely is in this town in Illinois. If you already own property in this city, it is quite unwise to move out. This city has fantastic schools, parks, markets, work opportunities and cultural environment that is perfect for raising kids. Even if you are an expanding family, owning a small home in a city like this makes a lot more sense than buying a new house in some other part of the country.

West Chicago Basement Remodeling

Owning the perfect home, with a separate bedroom for each kid and a living space that is separate from the kitchen and dining, is a big part of the American dream. A key to a happy family is a happy home that has space for everyone. A cramped space simply takes away privacy from the residents and spats between siblings regarding personal space become a lot more common. Do you remember how Hailey moved to the basement to get a room for herself in The Modern Family? That is actually the best idea of room expansion inside a home. If you have an empty basement, we can transform it into a bedroom or a living room for you. Our previous West Chicago basement remodels have successfully converted abandoned basements into complete rental units as an extra source of income. An empty basement is a treasure trove for all the modern families in West Chicago.

West Chicago Bathroom Remodeling

Now that you are talking about revamping your home, you just cannot overlook your bathroom. Most of us love the comfort of using our own bathrooms, but we also cannot deny the luxuriant relaxation our occasional stays at 5-star resorts and hotels provide. Our West Chicago bathroom remodels will bring the spa-like relaxation right inside your home, where your current shabby bathroom is positioned. We get rid of the mundane and put a zing in the interior decor and fixtures. Bathroom remodeling can burn a hole in your pocket, but not with Home Fusions. We make sure your bathroom remodel stays within your budget yet meet all your design requirements.

West Chicago Kitchen Remodeling

Since most happy memories of a family revolve around kitchens, we pay a lot of care while remodeling home kitchens in the area. From birthdays to anniversary dinners, many memories are yet to be created by you and your family inside the kitchen. This particular area inside your nest deserves some love from you. At West Chicago kitchen remodels, we think that your kitchen should reflect every bit of happiness and togetherness in your family. It should accommodate all the members, be ideal for the mom and dad, and even kids should be able to enjoy the time they spend there.

Home Fusions is the answer to any home remodeling needs of all West Chicago residents. The process is a simple one, you call, and we answer. Our designers and engineers will sit down with you and plan the course of the work, giving you all details about cost and necessary changes. We believe – a home is a significant investment and you should never move when there is room for change.