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Wheaton Basement, Bathroom, Kitchen Remodels

People living in cities and suburbs like Wheaton, Illinois, often move out in search of bigger homes in less expensive neighborhoods. That is because the cost of expansion is usually higher than most families can afford. Upward expansion or exterior expansion involves a lot of legalities, permits and construction costs. Adding one story to your humble home may not seem like much, but it comes with many strings. With companies like Home Fusions, expansion without getting into such intricacies has become much easier. Fast growing families, homeowners looking for rental apartments for extra cash and families with a dream for a bigger home can all realize their goals with the smart remodeling options our experienced teams of engineers and designers offer.

Wheaton Basement Remodeling

Basements are the most fertile spaces for experimentation and new construction. Since you already own the space but probably don’t use it, it is inexpensive. Ideally, our team examines the area for leaks in insulation, electrical wiring faults and the hidden potentials in the inherent structure of the space. Our long history of Wheaton basement remodels include a gallery of beautiful rental apartments with their own functional bathrooms, kitchens, storage areas, and bedrooms. We also specialize in converting bare basements into gaming parlors and entertainment rooms, developing unused basements to bedrooms for young adults and turning the available space into a library cum study for the kids and the adults.

Wheaton Bathroom Remodeling

You can never neglect bathrooms when you are thinking of reshaping your home. Bathrooms need to be in sync with the mood of the rest of your home. They need to be useful, modern and exciting. Our interior designers understand how small elements can add a personal touch to your bathrooms. Wheaton bathroom remodels can convert a mundane layout into something out of the latest issues of high-end lifestyle magazines and TV shows. From helping you choose the tiles and lighting fixtures, to picking the right kind of tubs, shower stalls and water closets; we will take care of it all. Finally, our architects and designers will collaborate to create a fresh layout for your haven before undertaking the project.

Wheaton Kitchen Remodeling

Now, it is time for you to think about your kitchen. Many ask us if it is essential. We urge you to consider, where was your kid’s birthday last celebrated? Where do you have the best breakfast or dinner memories? The answer is usually “the kitchen.” Kitchens are the nexus of all family activities. A great kitchen can become the platform of a lot of happy memories. A kitchen needs to nourish a family and should exude a positive vibe. Sadly, most box-kitchens that come with “readymade” houses lack the personal touch. They are too utilitarian, and the Wheaton kitchen remodels are here to change that. We can give your kitchen a new dimension and make it the hub of all the family fun you want it to be.

When you have Home Fusions by your side, it is difficult to make wrong decisions. We are always here to help you understand how you can improve on your current home and increase the value of your property without spending a fortune on it.