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Winfield Basement, Bathroom, Kitchen Remodels

Homes are not just where you sleep, eat and do the needful each day. Houses are meant to be personal, your safe haven and repose. Nothing should come close to the comforts of your home. Your home is also a massive investment for a secure financial future. When you have bought a house in Winfield village, you have made the right investment decision. However, with growing families, the need for space also grows. Sometimes it is also about looking for a new avenue to make some extra cash on the side.

Winfield Basement Remodeling

Forbes says about 20% of all Americans work from home. This number is rising by 60% each year. Therefore more people are looking for office spaces or libraries in their new homes. If you already own a home in a great neighborhood, why give it up? You can create a new library, study or office of your own away from all the noise in the basement. Thousands of US homeowners are turning their basements into luxurious bedrooms, apartments and recreation rooms each year. Home Fusions can turn any dreary basement into a well-lit premise as per your interest. Our Winfield basement remodels are a glorious testament to our 30-odd years of hard work and experience.

Winfield Bathroom Remodeling

People always relate master bathrooms to expansive spaces. Small bathrooms may seem like a challenge to redesign, but it is a cakewalk for our teams. We focus on the real master bathroom experience, which means cozier hues, warm floors, lots of natural light and artificial light, addition of straight mirrors to create the illusion of space and of course state of the art shower areas, shower stalls, walk-in tubs and water closets. Minimal storage always enhances the sense of space inside a bathroom. We like to keep open shelves for bathrooms with no moisture problems, and this creates a rather spacious feel. In fact, our Winfield bathroom remodels allow couples to get ready early in the mornings without getting in each other’s way.

Winfield Kitchen Remodeling

Not all homes are the same, so why should all kitchens look alike? That is the reason we do not offer our clients kitchen designs from catalogs and Pinterest. If you have something in mind, we will, of course, listen to you and make your dreams come true. However, most homeowners start out clueless about their kitchen makeovers. We usually consider the overall feel of the house and the personalities of the family members before creating the best designs. Our Winfield kitchen remodels are therefore highly successful and appreciated across the state. For example, more traditional homes can retain rustic cabinets and handmade dining tables. More modern homes usually get sleeker interiors like slimmer kitchen isles with bright barstools and modular storage solutions with embedded appliance spaces.

Home Fusions has been remodeling homes in Illinois for over 30 years. It gives us a unique perspective on the needs of the people of Winfield and the locality. Since we understand you, it helps us know your home better too.