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Built with fusion technology and guaranteed forever!
Creating the bath of your dreams doesn’t necessarily require a full remodel project. At Home Fusions we deliver amazing results with our affordable bathroom makeovers. Sometimes all it takes is a little paint, crown molding and a few new fixtures to make a bathroom look new again. Replacing your old faucet and adding new accessories throughout the room can make a dramatic difference. Changing out an old vanity or vanity top and replacing it with a new one can do wonders in an outdated bathroom. Our bath tub replacement units are affordable options for a bathroom remodel. These units can be completed in one day and are complete new installations, not cheap overlays. They look incredible and are very affordable. We can also do a tub to shower transformation with this product at the same price others charge for panel overlay systems.
Bath Tub Remodel Chicago

At Home Fusions we understand that successful renovation starts with a contractor’s potential to accomplish that difficult balance between clients’ desires and budgets without compromising quality of the end product. We manage every job with utmost consideration and focus to ensure a satisfying remodeling experience for our clients.

Our decorative wall panels are not 1/8 inch thick sheets like our acrylic competitors, we provide a unbreakable fusion encapsulation and a 1/4 decorative wall panel over the encapsulation. A superior installation of product at it’s best. Choose a tile of choice and make it your own.

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Bath Tub Remodel Gallery
Smooth Tub Surround 1
Shower Tub Deck Combo 2
Stone Tile Tub Surround 3
Tub Surround Grab Bars 4
Subway Tile Tub Surround 5
Tubdeck Tub Surround Window 6
Walk In Tub With Surround 7
Stone Tile With Trim Surround 8
Tubsurround, Tubpanels Curtain 9
Tubsurround Liberty Caddies 10
Tub Surround Corner Trim 11
Tub Surround Skirt 12
Tub Surround Stripe Crownmolding 13
White Tub Surround Panels 14
Green Tub Surround Panels 15
Tub Surround Mini Wall Shower 16
Onyx 17
Onyx 18
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It made a big change to my home when I worked with Home Fusions. I did not think it was going to turn out so nice, I really liked the fusion for a water tight seal and the licensed plumber was great since I had a lot of plumbing problems before I had the work done. Thanks