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Built with fusion technology and guaranteed forever!

The bathroom is a place in your home that is used more than you may realize. Your shower needs repair so stop the madness. Home Fusions will provide you with a solution that will last a lifetime and create the bath of your dreams.  Our services provide a professional and smooth process so getting your bath back to the daily use in no time with remodel Chicago. Offering you a wide variety of colors and styles along with every bath your provided our one of a kind Fusion Encapsulation that guarantees your project to be water, mold and mildew free from within the walls of your bathing area.

Replacement Showers “Bath to Shower”

When it comes to efficiency we provide an exceptional and professional installation that will have you back in the bath in one day.  Our custom built showers and rugged and nearly maintenance-free, a pleasure for an active family.  Chicago showers are made to withstand chipping, cracking or peeling and with our fusion encapsulation backing you’ll be secured and worry free. Our bath walls are thicker than our competitions and fusion-ed for best results.

Getting the job done professionally and efficiently at a affordable price makes the decision to update your shower with a new custom shower simple. Looking to sell your home? Updating your existing bath will ad value to your home and give the home a well-maintained look and feel. The process is quick and easy so call Home Fusions today to have one of our professional and friendly representatives walk you through our simple process. There are no hard sales at Home Fusions so feel comfortable when you contact us, we will provide you with a complete plan and estimate of your new bath. Remember look for the Fusion seal!

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Susan – Rating ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

This customer recomends Bath Fusions

I had my bath installed 5 years ago and ended up with a water damaged wall.
Cant say enough about the custom showers from Home Fusions and the Fusion technology they offer, my bath will never leak again.
To a great company!