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Darien Basement, Bathroom, Kitchen Remodels

Our teams and our services have been around for over 30 years. It makes us the perfect choice for any home remodeling and home improvement project you are thinking of right now. Over the last three decades, our teams have tackled all kinds of home improvement projects that have required a broad range of decision-making prowess. Our range of experience is wide. It helps our teams deliver the best results in a mélange of home improvement projects. It also means all our clients can expect the same levels of professional outcome irrespective of the type or expense of the project.

Darien Basement Remodeling

Unfinished basements may be ideal for storing random unused things, but this invites a lot of other troubles including breakage of insulation, water logging in places, problems with electrical wiring and mold growth. A basement needs to be clean and well-lit. Sometimes, families also need basements for new living spaces. We have previously converted a Darien home basement into a fully furnished apartment for a new couple. Our Darien basement remodels include insulation rebuilding, creating sliding doors for your new basement rooms, built-in storage for better space management and converting available space into the gaming chambers, entertainment rooms, and laundry rooms. In fact, converting basements to playrooms for children is an excellent way to utilize available space in the house and keep them safe too.

Darien Bathroom Remodeling

There is nothing better than getting a new gleaming bathroom for your home. Your old bathroom may be comfortable, but is it utilizing all the available space smartly? Do you have a moisture proof smart storage for your bathroom accessories? Is your sink cabinet safe and child-proof? Our Darien bathroom remodels include services from in-house design experts who will help you make the right decisions about your bathroom remodels. Our engineers and designers will work with you before undertaking the process to create a plan to fit your bill. Here’s what you should expect – new shower stalls, upgraded fixture options, new lighting fixtures, new touches and custom ceilings.

Darien Kitchen Remodeling

What do you need? A large kitchen, something out of the Full House episodes, to act as your family’s rendezvous point, or a simple retouching that will convert the mundane to something dynamic? In either case, Darien kitchen remodels is your perfect option. Our design consultants will talk to you to find out if you cook at home a lot, if you have many guests over, if your children walk into the kitchen often and what kind of storage space you need. Kitchen remodeling should be fun and productive. With Home Fusions on your team, there is no way you can go wrong with your kitchen improvement. We will help you stick to your budget without compromising on your kitchen necessities.

Home improvements need smart supervision and practical budgeting. Our experts use the latest 3D software and technologies to give shape to your dreams. You can expect the Home Fusions teams by your side at all times before and during the process. Experience the chic, cozy and modern living in a new home, without changing your address.