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How To Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger?

We love big spacious kitchens with much natural light flowing in. This is especially true for those who love to cook and eat. Kitchens should be the real energy centers of a home. Your kitchen needs to be airy, well-lit and attractive. We refrain from making too many changes to our kitchens for fear of incurring high remodeling costs. We think, making a kitchen look bigger always includes pulling down walls and moving cabinets and a big renovation budget.

Naperville Kitchen Remodels have five simple tricks here, that will make your kitchen look roomier, without involving any extensive construction –

i.  Always pick sleek appliances with mirrored finish

Sleek appliances will make your kitchen look bigger. Pick mirror finished refrigerators and microwave ovens. Choose brighter countertops and pulls high stools in place of chairs for your breakfast counter. This will add a sense of space to your kitchen immediately.

ii.  Pay attention to consolidation

Group appliances together. Put your oven and hobs together. Things that complete each other’s purpose should go together in your kitchen. Cabinetries with built-in space for microwaves and small appliances look tidier. Store other small appliances that you do not use, in a pantry to keep the workspace clutter-free. Create ground-level storage space for small mixers, appendages, cleaning utilities and wash cloths. Always keep your countertop free from all clutter. This will reflect more light and keep your kitchen feeling spacious.

iii.  Do not forget your personal touch

While remodeling any section of your home, you need to maintain the displays of collected china and handicrafts to a minimum. Add small elements of natural fiber and wood to add some warmth to the expansive feel. It will also add to the illusion of you can balance it correctly. Follow http://homefusions.com/ to gain an idea of adding personal touches during home remodeling.

iv.  Keep a balance between natural and artificial lighting

The biggest of the big kitchens will look small if you do not let in natural light. You need to create the perfect balance of natural light and ambient lighting to make your kitchen look larger than it is. The ambient light will complement the natural light and provide the same spacious feel at night.

v.   Let in natural light and invest in proper ambient lighting

Do not all too many dark cabinets and appliances without thinking about appropriate lighting first. Adding too many dark colors in a confined space makes the room appear even smaller than it is. To balance it out, you can add hidden light fixtures and warm yellowish lights under cabinets, behind appliances and install glass front doors to let in more natural light.

Kitchen remodeling requires careful planning since it involves quite a bit of electrical and plumbing work. You may want to install some custom cabinets and change the counter tops. To keep your sleek kitchen squeaky clean, do not forget to install a chimney and create a groove for it in the cabinetry.