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Oakbrook Basement, Bathroom, Kitchen Remodels

It is the ideal time to take on a fresh new home renovation project. As opposed to the plummeting real estate market, home renovation market is now a buyer’s market. The prices of renovation materials and services are falling steadily, and this is your chance to add more equity value to your property. Any old home deserve a new touch of life to make it more comfortable and undoubtedly more stylish. In addition to bringing it up to trend, Home Fusions also tends to any safety threats posed by your old home. It includes roofing, new energy efficient windows, better insulation, checking electrical wirings and cutting down energy costs.

Oakbrook Basement Remodeling

Most homeowners just use their basements as storage space. In other homes, the basements are entirely untended since the last storm or flooding. Most basements are home to moisture and mold. Home Fusions is now here with our new Oakbrook basement remodels for our clients. Our teams of dedicated engineers and builders have converted unusable and inexpensive basement space into living rooms, studies, libraries and entertainment rooms for families in Oakbrook. It is the most cost effective upgrade any family can ask for. If you are feeling the lack of space in your existing home, do not move out in search of a bigger nest. Just ask Home Fusions, and we will create new living space out of unused space at a budget cost.

Oakbrook Bathroom Remodeling

Bathrooms are the most critical part of any family. Our days usually start with the bathroom and end with the bathroom. How can you possibly ignore the role of a bathroom in a family home? Most family homes in Oakbrook have one master bathroom and one guest bathroom. Master bathrooms are for the comfort of the homeowners, and the guest bathrooms reflect the aesthetics of the family. Therefore, you need some serious planning before you can take on a bathroom remodeling project. Our Oakbrook bathroom remodels are the perfect examples of planned revamps of older bathroom designs. You can check out our most recent projects to get an idea about our quality of work, design, and costs of the bathroom remodel in Oakbrook.

Oakbrook Kitchen Remodeling

Some of the best memories in your home involve your kitchen. From homely birthday parties and special dinners to chatting with your kids while the meal is being cooked; each of these special moments involves your kitchen. That is the very reason why you need to invest a little more thought in redesigning your kitchen. Older homes have kitchens that are usually smaller, darker and clumsier. Our experienced engineers and builders can take a kitchen like that and turn it into the modern, well-lit, shiny and modern kitchen in less than a week. Oakbrook kitchen remodels are known for their stunning project outcomes, which contribute significantly to the home equity.

We have been here for 30 odd years, helping people find their dream home within their homes. Our style is minimal. Therefore we can complete any home remodel within a limited budget and a stipulated time.