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When renovating your home, design a lighting strategy that glows

Lighting should be the jewelry of your room, so when you are making home improvements, there are some important factors to consider in the design process.

Think about style and function when working on your lighting strategy. Unsure if you want glamour and sparkle or chic and modern? Remember the experts at Home Fusions can assist with designing the kitchen or bath of your dreams.

home renovation pendant lights
When renovating your home, design a lighting strategy that glows.

Current trends in lighting fixtures include chandeliers with crystals and beads on one end of the design spectrum, and the industrial look with stainless steel or rubbed-bronze elements to complement your personal style.

Modern spaces can feel cold with clean lines and hard edges, so add some personality with your lighting strategy. Layer your lighting to produce the best results, such as adding overhead light and making sure there is enough light coming in from your windows. Adding lighting next to mirrors adds ambiance.

In the bathroom, sconces next to a mirror add more light for makeup application and grooming. Multiple switches in a bathroom will help customize the amount of light available; switch on additional lights when you need more light over the vanity.

In the kitchen, delicate crystal fixtures can add balance to weighted cabinetry. Illuminate the darkest corners in the room to add a calming effect.

Keep in mind that some decorative pieces may add beauty and flair to a room, but are not as functional and will require an overhead light for ample illumination.

Add color to dining room spaces with lampshades — but stick with light colors to maximize illumination.

Let the experts at Home Fusions help you make the best use of spaces in your house. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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